This course covers the actions and procedures required for effective management of risk, programme, quality, payment and compensation events. The course includes practical scenarios with solutions on how to best manage the NEC3 Professional Services Contract to achieve successful project outcomes.

Format and programme
Virtual classroom: one day or as 5 separate modules each lasting 90 minutes.
Face to Face classroom: one day

Course skill level

Who is the training for?
The training is suitable for anyone using, or planning to use, the PSC3. The training will be of value to those who have limited experience with the PSC as well as those who are more experienced and are seeking to improve their skills. Those that will benefit from the training include:

  • Employers
  • Project sponsors
  • Employer’s Agent
  • Consultants
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Commercial Managers

What will you learn?
The training will enable those involved in managing the PSC to improve their understanding of its key obligations and procedures. Participants will learn how to become more effective in their use and application of the contract and gain confidence in performing their role as Employer, Employer’s Agent and Consultant.

Main topics covered

  • Structure and content of the PSC
  • Key responsibilities of the Employer, Employer’s Agent and Consultant.
  • Project start up and initial duties
  • Communications
  • Managing changes to the Scope
  • Managing risk with early warnings
  • Consultant’s obligations
  • Subconsultants
  • Change to key persons
  • Working with other consultants
  • Managing and revising the Accepted Programme
  • Managing quality and correcting Defects
  • Assessing the amount due for payment
  • Forecasting and reporting
  • Managing change with compensation events
  • Completion
  • Final payment
  • Dispute resolution

CPD Points
6 hours

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