Whether you are new to NEC4 contracts or an experienced user we have an NEC4 training course that is right for you. Our courses are attended by clients, contractors, subcontractors and consultants.  We offer a wide range of training courses covering the NEC4 family of contracts. The training is based on the latest version of the NEC4 contracts incorporating the amendments published in January 2019, October 2020 and January 2023.  A list of our most popular NEC4 contract training courses and details of the topics covered can be found here.

Our NEC4 training courses are suitable for all those involved in a construction project including sponsors, funders, procurement officers, the NEC4 Project Manager and Supervisor, planners, commercial teams, designers and lawyers.

Foundation level courses

Our foundation courses introduce new users to the fundamentals of the NEC4 suite of contracts. Existing users of the NEC3 contract and those with some experience of NEC4 will also find these courses useful. Our most popular introductory course is Understanding the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract.  We offer similar courses at this level for the NEC4 Professional Service Contract and the NEC4 Term Service Contract.

Intermediate level courses

Our intermediate level training courses are aimed at industry professionals with NEC contract experience who want to develop their existing knowledge and understanding. These courses take a more detailed look at the programme, quality management, payment and compensation events provisions of NEC4 contracts.

Our Practical Management of the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract training course has proven popular since its launch in 2018. The course involves facilitated group exercises with participants working together on the key aspects of the contract including early warnings, the Accepted Programme, assessing payment and compensation events.  Practical NEC4 contract management courses are also available for the NEC4 Professional Services Contract and NEC4 Term Service Contract.

If you are familiar with the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract and need to learn about NEC4, our NEC3 to NEC4 conversion course (ECC) is ideal.  This course focuses on the main changes including the early warning, programme and payment provisions of the contract. We also look at the new secondary options for collateral warranties, termination, whole life cost and early contractor involvement.

Successful delivery of a project using an NEC4 contract requires an appropriate and effective contract strategy.  Establishing the right strategy is an essential part of the procurement process. Our training course, Procuring works using the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract teaches participants which main and secondary options area should be used to implement the contract strategy.  The course covers practical advice on preparing Contract Data, Scope and Site information. Aspects of tender assessment and contract award are also covered.

Advanced NEC4 Contract Training Courses

We offer a range of advanced training courses for more experienced users focussing on specific aspects of the preparation and management of the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract. These courses include:

  • Commercial management (including compensation events and defined cost)
  • Preparing and managing the Accepted Programme
  • Writing Scope and Site Information
  • Drafting effective Z clauses

Our NEC4 Training Courses




  • Effective management of compensation events
  • Preparing and managing the Accepted Programme
  • Writing Scope/Works Information and Site Information
  • Drafting Z clauses (additional conditions of contract)