Training is a fundamental part of any professional’s continued learning and development. We deliver training courses covering all the different forms of NEC3 and NEC4 contracts. We offer training for all levels of knowledge and experience. Our training is available in both face-to-face and online classroom formats.

NEC3 Training Courses NEC4 Training Courses

Our approach to training

Our approach to training uses a blended mix of theory and group exercises. Each of the exercises are designed to reinforced the theory and explore practical use of the contract. We actively encourage all those to attend our training courses to participate and share their experiences of using NEC contracts. Attendees at our courses report that they enjoy the collaborative training environment created by the group exercises.

Choosing the right course

From the point at which you first start talking to us about your training needs, we help to identify the NEC course that is right for you. If one of our standard courses is not entirely suitable we will tailor a solution that meets your learning and development objectives.

Online NEC training

Our online courses are delivered live allowing participants to ask questions and actively engage with each other during training.  We use a range of features including:

  • live video and audio conference,
  • screen share of materials by tutor and participants,
  • interpersonal conversations and Q&A using the “chat” facility,
  • breakout rooms for group exercises and
  • poll/survey/multiple choice quizzes.

The online delivery format also has the following advantages:

  • enabling Covid-19 secure working,
  • reduction in carbon footprint compared to face-to-face training,
  • reducing unproductive travel time,
  • facilitating flexible working arrangements and
  • no additional travel and accommodation costs.

Our courses can be delivered over one full day or as separate modules.  For modular delivery, clients can choose the frequency and timing to suit their business operations and employee working arrangements.

Our preferred platform for delivery is MS Teams. However, we are happy to talk to you about using other platforms if required. For the optimum learning experience we recommend the number of participants for our online classroom training is between 8 and 12 but no more than 16.

NEC training for professional development

Everyone who attends one of our NEC training courses receives a certificate of attendance listing the topics of the contract covered and the time spent providing a record of their continuous professional development.

NEC3 Training Courses NEC4 Training Courses